save your heart
for someone worth dying for
Welcome to the world of re-arranged notions.
A world where there is no Chicken x Onew, no Dinosaur Jjong, no Macho Minho, no Innocent Taemin... and definitely no Key Umma.
Welcome to a world of sexy eyes, swiveling hips and frank opinions.

Welcome to top!Key~

21/100 Kibum

when Ari saw Key’s front photobook image for the Sherlock album


KEY// I've had this image in my mind for a while of key being a 
tease...or a minx, if you will heh. I wanted to whip it out before starting
my requests and collabs! enjoyyyy (*ノωノ)

**pls do not repost or use w/o credit. thank you!!! 

kim kibum - w korea